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CH1 Investment Partners LLP ("CH1") provides bespoke investment solutions to High Net Worth, Professional and Sophisticated Investors. We specialise in giving regulated advice to suitable investors on single company or asset investments. Sourced by us, we provide access to off-market transactions which, typically, will be uncorrelated to traditional asset classes.

It is our belief that by investing in single assets or businesses, we can help our clients understand the risks involved in investing in these areas and provide complete clarity on the potential risks, rewards, costs and timings involved.

One of our key principles is that one or more of the Partners of CH1 will also invest in any business we recommend, alongside investors, on the same terms.

Where possible and if appropriate, we will also take a seat on the Company’s board. This allows us to be as close to the underlying assets or businesses as possible and gives investors access to a high level of information on performance, tax certificates and exits.

Investments Previous Projects

Over the last ten years, the team has raised over £500 million pounds in Enterprise Investment Scheme ("EIS") qualifying Companies, structured debt (asset backed loan notes), individual commercial and residential property and Venture Capital Trusts ("VCT").

Examples of equity projects we are actively involved in

Arc X-Media
Innova Energy
Receipt Bank
Oxis Energy
Osprey Solar
Sterling Suffolk
Ethical Capital
Hazel VCT
ZED Pods
Mimica Labs

Debt projects we are actively involved in

Gas to grid construction 10% pa
UK property 11% pa
Hydroponic glasshouse construction 10.5% pa

Investments EIS qualifying Companies

Invest in smaller companies using the EIS and access generous tax efficient reliefs.

The EIS is a tax-efficient way to invest in the new shares of small businesses, as well as giving much-needed capital to businesses that cannot get funding from traditional methods such as banks and venture capitalists. The UK Government introduced the scheme over 20 years ago to encourage domestic investors to support entrepreneurial UK companies while offering significant tax breaks to offset the generic high risk nature of early stage investing. In recent years the scheme has been relaxed to allow overseas businesses to qualify as long as they meet the qualifying conditions.

These schemes offer investors significant benefits: investors who invest for a minimum period of three years benefit from 30 per cent tax relief as well as exemption from capital gains tax ("CGT") and inheritance tax ("IHT") which means growth within an EIS qualifying investment is tax-free.

Putting money into an EIS could give you:

  • Up to 30% income tax relief on investments up to £1 million in each tax year, as long as the shares are kept for at least three years
  • CGT deferral which is eliminated if held at death
  • 100% inheritance tax relief after two years, as long as the investor still owns the shares when they die
  • Loss relief on any holding that falls in value protecting downside risk to as little as 40% of total investment
  • 100% CGT relief after three years thereby giving tax free growth

Investments Innovative Finance ISA (“IFISA”)

Amberside ALP ( gives investors the opportunity to buy ISA qualifying bonds and benefit from tax free income generated by loans to infrastructure projects. ALP is backed by specialists Amberside Capital alongside CH1. The experienced team conduct professional due diligence on every transaction, provide a clear understanding and suitable mitigation of the risks involved and support borrowers not served well by major high street banks. With the first loan already in place, Amberside ALP have a pipeline of solar parks, grid support facilities, effluent treatment plants and other similar infrastructure projects.

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FAQs & Suitability Frequently Asked Questions

The EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) is a government backed scheme that offers a multitude of tax breaks and incentives to qualifying investors who invest in approved growth companies. The idea is to make investment in entrepreneurial enterprises which stimulate the economy more appealing by offsetting elements of the risk whilst maximising the potential returns.

The scale and the range of the benefits will depend on an investor’s individual financial circumstance but to qualify at all you must be a UK taxpayer with a tax liability in the current or previous tax years.

CH1 will review multiple investment opportunities continually throughout the year, only selecting the investments we feel are most appropriate to present to clients once we understand their individual needs and risk tolerances.

It will vary on a case by case basis but the vast majority of opportunities we consider will take at least two months or longer. We have an internal investment committee including the Founding Partners and three external experienced investors who will sign off the investment prior to investors being approached. 

FAQS & Suitability Investor Suitability

Due to the high risk nature of early stage private equity investments, investors will need to satisfy and certify they meet one of the investor criteria listed below to prove they are able to understand and accept the risk. Before we provide any information or advice on a project, you will be required to confirm your suitability in writing.

Investments in early stage or unlisted companies - whilst offering potentially higher returns and, in the case of EIS qualifying companies, a range of tax breaks - are only suitable for financially sophisticated investors who are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of such an investment and who have sufficient resources to be able to bear any losses that may arise. Such losses may be equal to the whole amount invested. No representation is, or can be, made as to the performance of the investment and there can be no assurance that the Company will achieve its objectives. We will provide a suitability document which will list what we believe are the most significant risk factors in the investment, but these may not necessarily comprise all those associated with the investment as changes in market or economic conditions or in legal, regulatory or tax requirements may be unforeseen and adversely impact the Company.